Expertise is Overrated

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Tier List

May 9, 2022

Hello, and welcome to Episode 31 of Expertise is Overrated, where two nerds with an inflated sense of their own intelligence take the time to answer questions no one was asking.

Today, our intrepid superheroes take on a gargantuan task - assigning all (well... nearly all) Marvel films to tiers. Of course, we've designed appropriate tiers for the task: top tier, pleasantly surprised, classic superhero average, immensely boring, actually bad, could have been made by DC. Let us know if you agree!

In our next episode, Vib is gracing the world with another Hot Take, this time explaining in what will almost certainly be excruciating (for Sean) detail how there are absolutely no good Star Wars films. No way that goes wrong... Join us then for more nonsense.






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