Expertise is Overrated

Hot Take: Lara Raith is a force for good in the Dresden Files

July 5, 2021

Hello, and welcome to Episode 12 of Expertise is Overrated, where two nerds with an inflated sense of their own intelligence take the time to answer questions no one was asking.

In this episode, it's Vib's turn to have the Hot Take, as he sits down to explain why Lara Raith, the de facto Queen of the White Court of Vampires in Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, is a good person and not the monster we all think she is. It goes about as well as you're imagining. In fact, one has to wonder if Vib has been enthralled (and Sean does... frequently).

Next time, we're back to Games Workshop's Warhammer franchises, providing an Expertise is Overrated style clear and unambiguous explanation of the Chaos gods. Join us then for more nonsense.







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